I’m your candy perfume boy. Art by Jesse Wakenshaw.

Great Ocean Road

Last weekend, rather than lining up for three hours to try $19.95 on for size, my brother, James, and I drove for the same amount of time along the Great Ocean Road, westerly from Melbourne. We tried mother nature on for size instead. I, personally, quite liked the way she hugged my body and made me feel more beautiful than a purchase from H&M ever could. 

‘Real’ is the most accurate word to describe our journey. I have never felt more viscerally connected to the contouring of our elegant earth.

We shed our city skins, all but a thin layer that kept us extremely enthusiastic about Instagram opportunities. So much so, that I zapped myself scaling an electric fence deterring me from entering a heavenly and voluminous seaside field. I got my picture taken there anyway. I found a gate. 

My gayety peaked at Aireys Inlet where Round The Twist was filmed. The proud lighthouse was home to Pete Twist, the fictional character in my earliest of homoerotic fantasies. 

Kylie Minogue got it wrong. It’s not about forcing one’s self ‘Into The Blue’, it’s about coasting along it, appreciating the ocean and coastal expanse to realise drama is insignificant. Your problems will fade quicker than the Apostle cliffs will erode their beautiful selves.

LOL. Look what I found while cleaning out my Mac. DON’T smoke tho. #TBT


j-dart asked: hey dude, are you still interested in doing some projection work one day?

Hey, Justin! Yeah, what did you have in mind?

I am proud to share the hilarious film by Joshua Maddox Wellington, titled ***REPLACEABLE. Look out for me, I make some cameos!

Some new head shots I acquired by randomly meeting a photography student, Simon Fitzpatrick, on the streets of Melbourne. The opportunities just seem to keep rolling in, in this magical city.